Paint.NET 4.1.1 Final [На русском]

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Paint.NET 4.1.1 Final [На русском]

Paint.NET - это очень простой, но и в то-же время мощный и удобный редактор графики. Позиционируется как отличная замена стандартному MS Paint из поставки Windows. Поддерживаемые форматы: BMP, IPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF, TGA и собственный формат PDN. Основные возможности: работы со слоями, применение эффектов, работа со сканером и камерой, коррекция красных глаз, масштабирование от 1 до 3200 процентов. Возможно расширение плагинами. При установке дополнительных плагинов функционал редактора значительно увеличивается.

Особенности программы:
Простой интуитивно-понятный интерфейс.
Все особенности и элементы интерфейса проектировались с расчетом на то, чтобы пользователь немедленно приступил к работе.

Как правило, только дорогие платные программы для работы с изображениями умеют работать со слоями. Paint.NET предоставляет эту
возможность бесплатно.

Мощные инструменты
Paint.NET имеет мощные, но простые инструменты для работы с векторной графикой, выделения (волшебная палочка), клонирования изображений, а также простой текстовый редактор, инструменты для масштабирования (от 1 до 3200 процентов) и замены цвета.
Неограниченная история.
Для исправления возможных ошибок допущенных в процессе редактирования фотографий или рисунков в программе Paint.NET предусмотрена функция истории. Каждое ваше действие может быть удалено и потом возобновлено опять. Длинная истории ограничивается только доступным дисковым пространством.

Специальные эффекты
Paint.NET содержит множество специальных эффектов для улучшения изображений. Кроме стандартных, знакомых нам по аналогичным платным программам, присутствующий также уникальный эффект - 3D вращение. Как обычно присутствуют и такие незаменимые функции как яркость изображения, контраст, оттенок, насыщенность и т.п.

Для графического редактора Paint.NET разработано множество плагинов, обогащающих возможности программы или просто добавляют новые спецэффекты.

Paint.NET 4.1.1 Final [На русском]

What's new in version 4.0.11:
* New: Rounded Rectangle's corner size ("radius") is now configurable
* New: Overscroll can now be disabled from within Settings
* Fixed: The Zoom tool was broken in 4.0.10
* Fixed: Auto scroll will no longer engage overscroll. This prevents the image from shooting off in all directions when drawing on it or when making a selection.
* Fixed: Panning with the middle mouse button would sometimes be "sticky", as reported at
* Fixed: Effect rendering performance had significantly regressed in 4.0.10, by as much as 50 percent, on Intel CPUs with HyperThreading.
* Fixed: Selecting the entire image and then using Zoom to Selection or the Zoom Tool would align the image in an awkward manner
* Fixed: In rare cases, Settings -> Plugin Errors was hanging the whole system (bug in WPF?). This UI is now implemented in
* Fixed: Some more high-DPI issues, especially when using multiple monitors with mixed DPI, or when using Remote Desktop

What's new in version 4.0.12:
* Fixed: The Rounded Rectangle shape's rendering was incorrect for some values of "Corner size"
* Fixed: Effects and Adjustments were crashing the app on systems with only 1 CPU core, or virtual machines configured for only 1 CPU

What's new in version 4.0.13:
* Fixed "Missing api-ms-win-core-timezone-l1-1-0.dll" error that was being seen on some Windows 7 systems due to partial install or uninstall of Microsoft's Universal C Runtime
* Fixed the layout for the File->New, Image->Resize, and Image->Canvas Size dialogs in all known situations (various languages, DPI sizes, font configurations)
* Fixed: Old versions of PSD plugin couldn't load due to removal of PrivateThreadPool
* Fixed a crash when typing a negative number for a zoom level

What's new in version 4.0.14:
* Improved the performance of the Brush tools when antialiasing is enabled
* Improved the quality of the Brush tools when antialiasing is disabled
* Fixed: Edit->Paste wasn't working with some images that came from Firefox
* Fixed: Improved the reliability of Image->Crop to Selection on 32-bit systems. Instead of crashing when it runs out of memory, it will just show an error.
* Fixed: Reduced crashes when loading UI images caused by an unreliable Windows component ("System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid")
* Fixed: When manually checking for updates in the Settings dialog and the user didn't actually have the necessary security privileges, a crash might result instead of an error dialog.
* Fixed a crash in the Magic Wand tool if it was used twice in a row with a selection mode other than Replace.

What's new in version 4.0.17:
* Added: "Fluid mouse input" option in Settings -> UI -> Troubleshooting. If you see major glitches while drawing, try disabling this.
* Improved: Default brush size, font size, and corner radius size now scales with major DPI scaling levels (brush size of 2 at 100% scaling, brush size of 4 at 200% scaling, etc)
* Improved: Default image size now scales with major DPI scaling levels (800x600 at 100%, 1600x1200 at 200%, etc.)
* Improved performance and drawing latency by removing explicit calls to System.GC.Collect() except when low memory conditions are encountered
* Improved performance by greatly reducing object allocation amplification by reducing the concurrency level when using ConcurrentDictionary, and by removing WeakReference allocations in favor of direct GCHandle usage
* Improved: Performance and battery usage by ensuring animations always run at the monitor's actual refresh rate
* Improved (reduced) CPU usage when moving the mouse around the canvas
* Removed: "Hold Ctrl to hide handle" from the Text tool because it was not useful and caused lots of confusion
* Fixed: Various high-DPI fixes, including horrible looking mouse cursors caused by a bug in the latest .NET WinForms update
* Fixed: Gradient tool no longer applies dithering "outside" of the gradient (in areas that should have a solid color)
* Fixed: Very slow performance opening the Effects menu when lots of plugins are installed after installing the Windows 10 Creators Update
* Fixed: When cropping and then performing an undo, the scroll position was totally wrong
* Fixed a rendering glitch in the Save Configuration dialog (it would "wiggle")
* Fixed: At certain brush sizes, the brush indicator on the canvas had a visual glitch in it due to a bug in Direct2D
* Fixed: Text tool buttons for Bold, Italics, Underline were not localized for a few languages
* Fixed a rare crash in the taskbar thumbnails
* Fixed: Drawing with an aliased brush and opaque color (alpha=255) sometimes resulted in non-opaque pixels due to a bug in Direct2D's ID2D1RenderTarget::FillOpacityMask
* Fixed: "Olden" effect should no longer cause crashes (it still has some rendering artifacts due to its multithreading problems, however)

What's new in version 4.0.18:
* Improved: Startup performance has been improved by about 25%
* New: Now available on the Windows Store!
* Improved: Plugins can now be installed per-user into "Documents\ App Files" into folders named Effects, FileTypes, and Shapes. This is required for using plugins with the Store release. To disable this (e.g. for administrators), set the "Plugins/AllowLoadingPluginsFromUserLocations" key to "false" (HKLM\Software\
* Improved: When using Portable Mode, custom palette files are stored next to the EXE instead of in Documents
* Fixed: There was a crash on some systems that may have prevented the app from starting up (MissingMethodException for "System.GC.Collect")

What's new in version 4.0.19:
* Fixed missing thumbnails in Explorer for non-.PDN images (e.g. .PNG, .JPG), if Paint.NET was configured to open these types by default
* Fixed a crash at startup that affected some people with a redirected Documents folder (e.g. network share)

What's new in version 4.0.20:
* New: Dark Theme support
* New: .NET Framework 4.7 is now required, and will be automatically installed if needed
* New: Explorer thumbnails are now supported for TGA and DDS file types
* Fixed and Improved: High-DPI support throughout the application
* Fixed: Color Picker tool was not always honoring the "Switch to previous tool" setting
* Fixed the arrow keys not working properly until the second shape (or line/curve) was drawn. Reported here
* Fixed the zoom slider being "wiggly" while being dragged around
* Fixed a glitch with the mouse cursor (resize handle) at the lower-left corner of the main window
* Fixed a crash in the Shape tool renderer (BadNumberException via ID2D1Geometry::GetWidenedBounds)
* Fixed a hang in the Frosted Glass effect that was reported here
* Fixed a hang in the Levels adjustment that was reported here
* Fixed a rendering issue in the Move Selected Pixels tool that was reported here
* Fixed: Canvas now processes WM_MOUSEHWHEEL, which was preventing some horizontal mouse wheels and trackpad swipe gestures from working properly
* Fixed: Plugins will no longer completely crash the app on Windows 10 S (note, however, that plugins other than custom Shapes do not work on Windows 10 S)
* Fixed: a data loss bug when saving very large images (greater than 4GB). Reported here

What's new in version 4.0.21:
* Fixed a bug where a pasted image would be clipped after choosing "Keep canvas size"

What's new in version 4.1.1:
* New: Ukranian translation
* New: Norwegian translation
* Fixed a bug in the IndirectUI color wheel control where it wouldn't pick up the correct value for the alpha slider
* Fixed a crash with the new Shapes that would sometimes occur because the resources file wasn't updated yet (probably due to a "you have to reboot" dialog at the end of updating that was ignored)
* Reinstated the shortcut keys for the Adjustments menu, as this was a very unpopular change
* Improved: IndirectUI angle chooser control now supports the UpDownIncrement property (thanks @toe_head2001!)

Информация о программе:
Название софта: Paint.NET
Год релиза: 2018
Платформа/OC: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
Язык программы: Многоязычный + Русский
Активация: бесплатная программа
Размер файла: 7.38 MB

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Paint.NET 4.1.1 Final [На русском]

Paint.NET 4.1.1 Final [На русском]Paint.NET 4.1.1 Final [На русском]Paint.NET 4.1.1 Final [На русском]

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