VueMinder Ultimate 2018.02 Final + keygen [На русском]

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VueMinder Ultimate 2018.02 Final + keygen [На русском]

VueMinder Ultimate - это отличное приложение, с помощью которого можно систематизировать ваше время, а так-же составить себе любое расписание и получать напоминания в заданное вами время. Вы будете получать всю информацию о записях, заданиях и встречах, просто посмотрев на прозрачный календарик, расположенный непосредственно на вашем рабочем столе. Откройте совместный доступ к календарю дома, на работе или в Интернете. Автоматическая синхронизация календаря с Outlook и Google Calendar. Вы сможете распечатать календарь, используя любой из предоставленных стилей и шаблонов. Вы сможете запланировать и сделать очень много с помощью VueMinder Calendar.

Основные возможности:
* Гибкие опции напоминаний
* Синхронизация с Google Calendar
* Возможность интеграции в Microsoft Outlook и Excel
* Встроенный календарь рабочего стола
* Возможность полностью настроить то, как отображаются записи в календаре
* Возможность просматривать день, неделю, месяц и т.д.
* Открывайте общий доступ к календарю по локальной сети
* Отправляйте весь календарь или отдельные встречи и напоминания по электронной почте
* Управление данными
* И много других функций…

VueMinder Ultimate 2018.02 Final + keygen [На русском]

Version 2016.09 (August 12, 2016)
* Corrected various problems related to recurring events sometimes duplicating and reminders not dismissing or snoozing.
* Corrected a crash that can occur while automatically syncing a large calendar, if the syncing hasn't completed before the next scheduled auto-sync.
* Corrected the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Lists (and search results) to always show at least one column so the lists won't appear to be empty.
* Corrected the Task List when custom numeric fields have been defined. In some cases, the Task List wouldn't show all tasks or subtasks.
* Corrected the Task List to not show completed tasks when the option to show completed tasks is unchecked.
* Corrected the Task List to only show completed tasks within the specified date range when the option to show completed tasks is checked. Previously, all completed tasks would be listed.
* Corrected the list of tasks on the Desktop Calendar. The displayed dates were the task starting dates, not the task due dates. In some cases, tasks wouldn't appear in the list where expected.
* Corrected syncing floating tasks with Google Tasks. In some cases, updated tasks wouldn't properly float to the current date.
* Corrected syncing tasks that were added to Google Tasks. The tasks would appear with times in VueMinder, which is incorrect because times can't be specified in Google Tasks, only due dates.
* Corrected formatting of event descriptions when imported from an ICS file that was previous exported from VueMinder. Previously, the descriptions would import only as plain text.
* Corrected the list of exported events shown after exporting a calendar to an ICS file. Recurring event variations were listed twice.
* Corrected setting date backgrounds to an image URL when multiple dates have been selected. The date background will be applied to all selected dates.
* Updated the Catalan and Portuguese translations.
* Other minor corrections and improvements.

Version 2017.00 (January 28, 2017)
Added the ability to import or sync with any number of local Outlook account profiles, instead of only being able use the primary account profile.
Added the ability to create, delete, and rename contact groups/folders.
Added the ability to rename previously created distribution lists.
Added the ability to specify the default group/folder for new contacts.
Added an option to sync contact deletions with Google Contacts.
Added an option to not include reminders when syncing with Exchange Server.
Added options to enable word-wrapping of events, tasks, and notes independently of each other. Notes will no longer be word-wrapped by default, since they usually require too much space on the Month view.
Added the ability to override the default background, text, link, and border colors of the Details Pane.
Added a filter toggle button to the Details Pane. When the filter button is selected, items filtered from the Calendar View will also be filtered from the Details Pane.
Added a button to the text editor for inserting the current date and time.
Added an option to hide the Status Bar on the Desktop Calendar.
Added an option to enable or disable text scaling. By default, VueMinder will no longer use text scaling. Instead, the user interface will match how it was intended to be displayed, even on high-resolution 4K monitors.
Improved the performance of Google Contact syncing. Users that have many contacts should notice VueMinder runs faster after updating.
Improved syncing of meeting requests with Google Calendar. The list of meeting attendees can now be seen in VueMinder.
Improved meeting requests and email reminders to show the associated time zone.
Improved sending of SMS reminders when configured to use a mobile carrier. Some mobile carriers (such as Verizon) will reject an SMS reminder sent from VueMinder to multiple recipients. A separate SMS reminder will now be transmitted to each recipient.
Improved the Desktop Calendar to support cutting (Ctrl+X), copying (Ctrl+C), and pasting (Ctrl+V) items using keyboard shortcuts. Also added support for undoing changes (Ctrl+Z) on the Desktop Calendar.
Improved the appearance of events in generated web pages to more closely match their appearances in VueMinder, including fonts, borders, and custom colors.
Improved the readability of generated web pages. Also improved the arrow buttons used for navigating between months.
Improved the Month Settings menu to make it easier to find options.
Corrected syncing tasks with Google Calendar. Floating tasks that aren't due yet would incorrectly move to the current date after syncing. Also, changes to the due dates in Google Calendar wouldn't properly sync to VueMinder.
Corrected Google Calendar meeting requests to be read-only when sent by a different account and permission wasn't granted to allow editing.
Corrected handling of errors when sending meeting requests. If an error occurs and the meeting can't be sent, the error will be shown to the user.
Corrected problems syncing with Google Calendar (and possibly other external calendars) when using a proxy server.
Corrected importing from ICS files. In some cases, imported event descriptions would have missing spaces.
Corrected associating subtasks with newly created parent tasks that haven't been saved yet.
Corrected refreshing the Details Pane content when switching between the Contacts tab and one of the other Calendar View tabs.
Corrected the title field to be automatically selected when opening or creating an event or task. This wasn't happening on some computers.
Corrected the alignment of the day-of-week letters in the Yearly print layout.
Corrected the Calendar View tabs to not close when Ctrl+F4 is pressed.
Corrected the Clock panel to properly restore its previous size when VueMinder is restarted.
Corrected reminders where the number of times to repeat media playback is set to "unlimited". The media playback would eventually stop repeating.
Corrected a problem where the "run a program" action of a deleted recurring event could still occur.
Corrected a performance problem when a date background image was previously added from a URL which is no longer available.
Many other corrections and improvements.

Version 2017.01 (January 30, 2017)
* Corrected syncing with Google Calendar. In some cases, events were becoming improperly locked.
* Corrected the Event Editor to not allow unlocking Google Calendar meeting requests that are read-only.
* Corrected the Event Editor to not prompt to save changes when no changes have been made to a meeting request.
* Updated the Catalan and Portuguese translations.

What's new in version 2018.01:
* Improved the popup reminder window to show a context menu when right-clicking a reminder's row. The context menu can be used to open, delete, snooze, or dismiss the reminder.
* Improved the date range drop-down list to include "Previous year" and "Next year" options. This new option will be available when printing, searching, and viewing lists of items.
* Improved the Event Editor to open with the Description tab shown by default, even if the description is empty and the event has an associated reminder or data on the other tabs.
* Improved the File->New submenu to list the options for creating new events before the options for creating new calendars.
* Improved the color checkboxes under the Quick Color context menu to allow unchecking. When a quick color is unchecked, the event appearance will be reset back to the default.
* Improved the list of mobile carriers in the SMS/Voice Settings to include additional carriers.
* Corrected the Sharing Options window to show the buttons for testing the database connection, viewing the sync log, and manually forcing all data to sync.
* Corrected to not sync calendar and event colors with Google Calendar when the option to sync colors has been deselected.
* Corrected the hotkey for showing the main VueMinder window. The hotkey wouldn't work if all windows were minimized.
* Corrected notes to not appear in the calendar view if the View menu option to show notes has been unchecked and a new note is created.
* Corrected the Send Email button on the Event Editor to send email for the current event, not necessarily the event that is selected in the calendar view.
* Corrected the popup reminder window to open maximized if it was maximized the last time it was closed.
* Corrected exporting reminders to ICS files when reminders are scheduled to be shown at the same time the associated event starts. Some other calendar programs were unable to process the reminder trigger value.
* Corrected importing ICS files from some calendar programs that indicate new lines using \r\n.
* Corrected importing yearly recurring events from ICS files when the year interval is greater than 1.
* Corrected exporting popup reminders to ICS files to specify ACTION:DISPLAY instead of ACTION:Display, since some other calendar programs expect all uppercase for the action type.
* Corrected the popup reminder window to not default to being the top-most window on new installations.
* Updated the Catalan and Portuguese translations.
* Other minor corrections and improvements.

Информация о программе:
Год релиза: 2018
Название софта: VueMinder Ultimate 2018
Платформа/OC: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Многоязычный + Русский
Активация: Keygen-DA
Размер файла: 16.33 MB

VueMinder Ultimate 2018.02 Final + keygen [На русском]

VueMinder Ultimate 2018.02 Final + keygen [На русском]VueMinder Ultimate 2018.02 Final + keygen [На русском] VueMinder Ultimate 2018.02 Final + keygen [На русском]

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