IDM UltraEdit + patch (2019) ENG

Автор: skaizex от 3-09-2019, 23:33

IDM UltraEdit + patch (2019) ENG
Текстовый редактор - IDM UltraEdit + keygen

Программа является многофункциональным многооконным редактором с гибкой и мощной системой настроек, также имеется встроенный FTP клиент. Программа предназначена для редактирования текстовых, HEX и HTML файлов, размером до 2 GB. Имеется подсветка синтаксиса при написании программ на C/C++, VB, HTML, Java, Perl, FORTRAN и LaTex. Также, предусмотрена возможность подключения дополнительных словарей с синтаксисом других языков, библиотек тэгов и макросов. Имеется огромное количество дополнительных функций и настроек.

Возможности программы:
• Сворачивание кода
• Поддержка операций с 64-битовыми файлами на всех 32-битных платформах Windows
• Поддержка Юникода
• Редактирование текста на основе диска – поддержка файлов объемом более 4 GB с минимальной загрузкой RAM;
• Спеллчекер на 100000 слов с поддержкой иностранных языков
• Предварительно настраиваемая подсветка синтаксиса для C/C++, VB, HTML, Java и Perl со специальными опциями для Fortran и LaTex
• Встроенный FTP клиент
• Поддержка Project/Workspace
• Конфигурируемый мэппинг клавиатуры
• Режим редактирования Column/block
• Редактор HEX позволяет редактировать любой двоичный файл и просматривать его в двоичном и ASCII представлении
• Панель инструментов HTML предварительно сконфигурирована для популярных функций

IDM UltraEdit + patch (2019) ENG

Key features:
• Code Folding
• Supports 64-bit file handling (standard) on 32-bit Windows platforms (Windows 2000 and later)
• Unicode support
• Disk based text editing and large file handling - supports files in excess of 4GB, minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
• Mulitline find and replace dialogs for all searches (Find, Replace, Find in Files, Replace in Files)
• 100,000 word spell checker, with foreign languages support (American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Swedish)
• Syntax highlighting - configurable, pre-configured for C/C++, VB, HTML, Java, and Perl, with special options for FORTRAN and LaTex. Multiple wordfiles available for download
• FTP client built in to give access to FTP servers with multiple account settings and automatic logon and save. (32-Bit Only) Includes support for SFTP (SSH2)
• SSH/Telnet window
• Project / workspace support
• Environment Selector - Provides predefined or user-created editing "environments" that remember the state of all of UltraEdit's dockable windows, toolbars and more for user convenience.
• Integrated scripting language to automate tasks
• Configurable keyboard mapping
• Column / block mode editing
• Hexadecimal editor allows editing of any binary file, shows binary and ASCII view
• Named templates
• HTML toolbar preconfigured for popular HTML function

IDM UltraEdit + patch (2019) ENG

What's new in version 24.20:
- Folded code highlighting
* Folding control turns solid when section is collapsed
* Background coloring for first line of folded code
* Configure colors for the above in theme
- Dramatic performance improvements for Find
* Blazingly fast, grep-like speed when writing of thousands of search results to the Output Window and Find String List
* Greatly improved performance and memory management for huge Find in Files results (700,000+ matches)
* Quicker and more responsive cancelling of Find / Replace in Files
* Greatly improved performance with many strings highlighted via "Highlight all" or Quick Find
* Addressed issues with mixed line terminators in Find String List causing erroneous line numbers
- Dramatic performance improvements for hidden lines
* Much faster "Delete all hidden lines", especially with many lines hidden
* Much smoother scrolling with large sections of hidden code / text
- Tab delimited sort
* Sort file based on tab-separated value fields instead of column numbers
* Optionally specify start and end characters for each field
- Syntax highlighting improvements
* Syntax highlighting preserved for partially selected keywords
* Function list no longer shows functions in block comments
* Unmatched string character in regexp class no longer causes unwanted string highlighting
* Addressed issue with incorrect syntax highlighting after wrapping lines
- Display improvements
* Title bar no longer uses black color for text with darker title bar background
* Improved display and spacing of line number margin (decreased width when line numbers disabled)
* Restored vertical scroll bar in vertically oriented multi-line file tabs
- Status bar "Bytes selected" now reports "Chars selected" instead (mainly for UTF-8 files)
- SSH/Telnet and FTP now prompt for user name when not set
- Reverted accelerator keys for File Change Detection dialog buttons
- Addressed XML / HTML tag highlighting issues with Asian characters
- Addressed several column mode issues when editing multi-byte (Asian) characters
- Addressed issues with file/folder paths containing Unicode characters in .prj files
- Addressed file change detection prompt with time zone change or daylight savings change
- Addressed word wrap issues with non-Latin characters
- Addressed issues with UltraEdit (legacy) and Unix style regular expressions
- Addressed issue with hex insert in files greater than 4 GB

UltraEdit v25.10 Changes (2018-06-07)
- Code folding enhancements
* "Peek" at folded code (hover over "..." to see preview of collapsed text in a tooltip)
* Ctrl + Click on folding node to expand / collapse all sub-nodes of that node
* Alt + Click on folding node to expand / collapse all folding nodes in the active file
* Expand / collapse code from any line within folding section (not just first line)
- Full Unicode support in wordfiles
* Create wordfiles containing Unicode characters
* Wordfiles can be saved as ANSI, UTF-8, or UTF-16, with or without BOM
* Use Unicode characters in keywords, comment characters, indent/unindent strings, brace matching, more...
- New "/Word Select Include" wordfiles setting for overriding delimiters for navigating / selecting
* Allows you to set override default delimiters on a per-language basis
* For example, /Word Select Include = $ would cause the "$" symbol to be included when double-clicking a word to select
* This would also cause Ctrl + Left / Right Arrow to skip "$" (instead of stopping on it)
- Delimiter based sort
* Specify delimiter to sort by field (instead of specific column numbers)
* Makes IP address sort possible
- Faster brace / tag matching in source with very long lines
* "Filter on selection" switches to "Clear filter" when toggled on

Информация о программе:
Год релиза: 2019
Название софта: IDM UltraEdit
Платформа/OC: Windows® 10/8/8.1/7
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Активация: patch-DFoX
Размер файла: 170.00 MB

IDM UltraEdit + patch (2019) ENG

IDM UltraEdit + patch (2019) ENGIDM UltraEdit + patch (2019) ENGIDM UltraEdit + patch (2019) ENG

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