Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final + crack [На русском]

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Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final + crack [На русском]

Actual Multiple Monitors - это наиболее полнофункциональное приложение для повышения удобства работы с Windows в многомониторном режиме: Панель задач с кнопкой «Пуск» и Переключатель задач на дополнительных мониторах, функция быстрого перемещения окон между мониторами, расширенные настройки фоновой картинки и экранной заставки, поддержка профилей Рабочего стола, эмуляция режима Windows 7 Aero Snap, миниатюры предпросмотра и многие другие инструменты, которые позволят Вам увеличить общую эффективность использования дополнительного экранного пространства.

Даже современные версии Windows, такие как 7/8, обеспечивают лишь самый базовый функционал для работы с несколькими мониторами, снижая общую эффективность использования увеличившегося экранного пространства. Actual Multiple Monitors восполняет пробелы в интерфейсе Windows и значительно повышает эффективность и удобство использования нескольких мониторов.

Дополнительная информация:
• Панель задач на каждом мониторе
• Меню Пуск в области уведомлений панели задач (часы)
• Списки переходов поддержки в рамках Windows 8
• Закрепить в панели задач
• группировка сходные кнопки
• предварительный просмотр миниатюр (с Aero Peek Функция под Windows 8)
• индикаторы на панели задач кнопки под Windows 8
• Показать рабочий стол кнопки под Windows 7
• Быстрый запуск и другие панели инструментов
• перетаскивание кнопки панели задач с помощью мыши на системы до Windows 8
• перетащить иконки системного трея с помощью мыши на системы до Windows 8
• полупрозрачные панели задач в системах до Windows 8
• родной вид в любой визуальной темы - от Windows Classic в Windows 8 Aero

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final + crack [На русском] Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final + crack [На русском] Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final + crack [На русском]

What's new in version 8.11.1:
[!] Windows 8+: Multi-monitor Task Switcher is finally fully compatible with Actual Taskbar's Individual mode: now it displays all windows on all monitors. Thanks to this, the "Replace the system task switcher" option became useless and has been removed from the "Multiple Monitors - Taskbar" panel.
  • Windows 10: Multi-monitor Task Switcher is now compatible with the old Alt-Tab view if it was enabled in the Registry.
  • Actual Taskbar: Context menu items to toggle taskbar controls (Start button, tray, clock, etc.) have been moved to a submenu.
  • Title Buttons: Auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons is improved in the latest versions of Google Chrome.
    [-] Windows 10: Some apps (like Visual Studio 2012 installer and components, or iTunes Helper) crashed when Actual Multiple Monitors was running.
    [-] Windows 10: Windows Magnifier got hung when its Lens mode was active and Actual Multiple Monitors was running.
    [-] Windows 10: Refreshing a desktop with the "solid color" background made the desktop black.
    [-] Actual Taskbar: Start button did not show its context menu right after the Start menu was closed by clicking the Start button.
    [-] Actual Taskbar: Start menu did not close after clicking the Start button second time or after clicking empty taskbar space.
    [-] Actual Taskbar: Click on the Touch Keyboard button forced a currently active window to lose focus.
    [-] Title Buttons: System window menu flickered constantly in apps where auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons enabled (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office apps).

    What's new in version 8.11.2:
    [!] Windows 10 Creators Update: Metro (UWP) apps crashed at startup if Actual Multiple Monitors was running.
    [!] Actual Taskbar: Active window did not minimize on clicking its taskbar button.
    [+] Windows 8+: The ability is added to change the default PNG codec used to create multi-monitor background images to a JPEG codec to reduce the size of a result image and avoid violating the 20 Mb background image size limit in synchronized user accounts (may be actual for 4K monitor owners). To switch to a JPEG codec, add the following Registry value:
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Actual Tools\Actual Multiple Monitors\Command Center\Plugins\WallpaperManager] "use_jpeg_codec"=dword:00000001
  • Windows 10 Creators Update: Extra title buttons now have correct glyph/background colors in Metro (UWP) apps with custom-colored title bars (Edge, People, Store, Maps, Settings, Connect, Xbox, Alarms & Clock, Calculator, Paint 3D):
    - while being mouse-hovered/pressed
    - in the Compact View popup toolbar
  • Multi-monitor Background: If various picture sources are used in multi-monitor slideshow (local files and web), background picture will be set immediately as at least one picture gets available (i.e. the slideshow engine no more waits until all pictures get downloaded).
    [-] Actual Taskbar: Action Center button on secondary taskbars either displayed the notification count in wrong location or did not display it at all.
    [-] Actual Taskbar: Hints for task buttons, notification area icons, toolbars, etc. got behind windows being set on top of others.
    [-] Actual Taskbar: In Windows 7+, if the "On Top" taskbar option was turned off, its Start button:
    - got in front of other windows at startup
    - got in front of other windows after invoking the Start menu
    [-] Actual Taskbar: In Windows 7, Start menu got behind a vertical taskbar placed to the left, and if it was also set on top of other windows.
    [-] Title Buttons: In Metro (UWP) apps, popup toolbar popped up again instead of closing after a second click on the Compact View title button.
    [-] Multi-monitor Background: There was unwanted single pixel lines of wrong color on right and bottom edges of background pictures.
    [-] Multi-monitor Background: The "Show picture source" option stopped working in the Aero visual theme.
    [-] Window Settings: Hints with current window position/size showed incorrect values on some desktop configurations.
    [-] Save Idle Screens: In some cases automatic activation of the feature might not work.
    [-] Lock Mouse: In some cases soft mouse locking might not work.

    What's new in version 8.12 :
    [+] Per-application Audio Device Switcher has been finally implemented (see the "Multiple Monitors - Audio Switcher" panel).
    Now you can bind available audio devices (internal/external sound cards, HDMI/DisplayPort outputs, etc.) to certain monitors, so that any multimedia application being put on a monitor will automatically redirect its audio playback to the bound audio device.
    Also, you can change the audio device used by a certain multimedia application in its specific window settings - either automatically (at startup) or manually (via title button, window menu item, or special window that can be invoked via "Show application audio manager" tray icon's context menu command).
    The feature is compatible with most popular types of multimedia applications that can play audio: web browsers (both HTML5 and Flash media content), media players, videogames.
    IMPORTANT: This feature works since Windows Vista, earlier versions of Windows are not supported.

    Known issues:
    - some media players (VLC, Media Player Classic) are not compatible with this feature by default; to make them compatible, you must set the audio output to "WaveOut" in their preferences
    - not fully compatible media players: Windows Media Player 9 and higher
    - not fully compatible web browsers: Internet Explorer 8 and higher
    - not yet supported media players: iTunes, Foobar 2000
    - not yet supported web browsers: MS Edge
  • Actual Taskbar: Handling of Metro apps' icons is improved.
  • Actual Taskbar: Jump Lists now look more accurate in high DPI resolutions.
  • Actual Taskbar: Jump Lists and task buttons now look similar to the system taskbar ones in Windows 10.
    [-] Actual Taskbar: Arrangement of toolbars in multi-row taskbars lost after each restart.
    [-] Actual Taskbar: Pinning a shortcut to a taskbar via drag-n-drop stopped working in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
    [-] Actual Taskbar: After closing a Metro app having its button pinned to a taskbar, the pinned button's icon got replaced with an improper icon.
    [-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons overlapped the My Account button in Google Chrome since its version 64.
    [-] Title Buttons: In some cases extra buttons in Firefox Quantum got misplaced and drawn in wrong color.
    [-] Some applications (e.g. Malwarebytes) might hang at startup if Actual Multiple Monitors was running.

    Информация о программе:
    Год релиза: 2018
    Название софта: Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final
    Платформа/OC: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
    Язык интерфейса: Многоязычный + Русский
    Активация: Crack UZ1
    Размер файла: 13.39 MB

    Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final + crack [На русском]

    Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final + crack [На русском] Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final + crack [На русском]Actual Multiple Monitors 8.12 Final + crack [На русском]
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