Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final + keygen [На русском]

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Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final + keygen [На русском]

Actual Window Manager - это полезное приложение которое можно скачать на www.saitsofta.comс уникальными возможностями, которое предлагает пользователям совершенно иной способ управления окнами системы Windows. Альтернативный вариант навигации окнами приложений которым может быть предана прозрачность, они могут быть помещены поверх остальных, или быть свернутыми в трей. Так-же к ним могут быть применены пользователем определенные настройки, для чего необходимо обратиться к модулю конфигурации. Более того, ряд опций вносится непосредственно в структуру окна и помещается рядом с пиктограммами «свернуть», «развернуть» и «закрыть» и многое многое другое.

После установки и запуска Actual Window Manager работает в фоновом режиме, обеспечивая:
- автоматическое выполнение широкого спектра действий над окнами, таких как: свернуть при запуске/деактивации, развернуть при запуске, закрыть при запуске, изменить положение/размер при запуске, зафиксировать положение/размер, изменить приоритет выполнения при запуске/деактивации, и многих других;
- быстрый доступ к скрытым возможностям системы («Свернуть окно в область уведомлений», «Окно всегда поверх всех», «Полупрозрачное окно» и др.) через дополнительные кнопки заголовка окна или дополнительные пункты в системном меню окна;
- поддержку механизма виртуальных Рабочих столов;
- дополнительные средства при работе с несколькими мониторами: эмуляция Панели задач, кнопки «Пуск» и Переключателя задач на каждом мониторе, быстрое перемещение окон между мониторами, быстрое разворачивание окна на все мониторы;
- и многое другое!

Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final + keygen [На русском] Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final + keygen [На русском] Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final + keygen [На русском]

Actual Window Manager 8.6.2 (23.11.2015)
[-] Multi-monitor Screen Saver stopped working.
[-] "Preview" button did not work for the "Current Windows screen saver" option.

Actual Window Manager 8.8.1 (29.04.2016)
[!] Windows 10: False-positive SmartScreen warning about setup file corruption is finally remedied.
  • Actual Taskbar now scales correctly on monitors with high DPI resolutions.
  • Windows 10: Multi-monitor Alt-Tab Task Switcher is restored.
  • Windows 10: Support of Metro apps in Actual Taskbar is improved.
  • Windows 10: Actual Taskbar flyout window with additional notification area icons now looks the same as in the system taskbar.
    [-] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar displayed windows located on inactive system virtual desktops.
    [-] Windows 10: Windows put into a Desktop Divider tile did not fill it entirely, some gaps remained.
    [-] Windows 10: Stretch window action left a gap between window border and monitor border.

    What's new in version 8.8.3:
    [-] Windows 10: Vertical Actual Taskbar (either in Left or Right position) got half screen width each time at startup.
    [-] Windows Vista/7: Start button did not stretch out to a multi-row taskbar in the Classic visual theme.
    [-] Windows Vista/7: Start button got reversed in the Classic visual theme for right-to-left writing languages (like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).

    What's new in version 8.9.1:
    [-] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar stopped displaying Jump Lists since the Anniversary Update.
    [-] Windows 10: Since the Anniversary Update, Actual Taskbar got white when taskbar color and transparency were disabled in the system taskbar settings.
    [-] Windows 7+: Group window functions "Gather all windows" and "Send all windows" stopped working.
    [-] Windows 8+ x64: Lock Screen background picture did not set.
    [-] Multi-monitor Screen Saver: "Screen saver failed to start" error message has been displayed on a monitor if the "Screen saver: None" has been set for that monitor.
    [-] Configuration: Only the main window got hidden if the "Hide Configuration Module while using the Window Finder" option was enabled.
    [-] Configuration: Panel header font size was too big in high DPI resolutions.

    What's new in version 8.9.2:
    [!] Windows 10: Since the Anniversary Update, Actual Taskbar got hung after placing the mouse pointer over any task button for a while if the host monitor DPI resolution was higher than 100 percent.
  • Logon Screen Service: The "unquoted service path" vulnerability has been fixed.
    [-] Windows 10: Search field in the primary taskbar got reset back to Search icon at each startup.

    Actual Window Manager 8.10 (29.12.2016)
    [!] Windows 10: Extra title buttons now look correct on windows with colored title bars (Messaging, Phone, Photos, Windows Mail) and in the Dark visual theme.
    [!] Windows x64: Stability is greatly improved (there should be no more high CPU usage or app crashes at Actual Window Manager startup).
    [+] The long-awaited and many times requested feature to group Windows Explorer windows into a single container window with tabs (where each tab corresponds to a certain folder) is added.

    The way it looks and works is similar to modern web browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox:
    - you can open a new tab by clicking the Plus button
    - you can drag tabs within a container window to change their order
    - you can drag a tab out of a container to create another container
    - you can close a tab by clicking its Close button or by middle click on its caption
    - you can close the entire container so all its tabs will also be closed

    Note: This feature binds Windows Explorer windows to be always placed into a container so there will be no "free" Explorer windows.
    You can enable/disable this feature in the "Files and Folders - Tabbed Explorer" panel.
  • Recent Folders list now gets updated more frequently: it's enough to switch from a folder window to any other window to make folder's current path first in the list of recents.
  • Configuration: Test Regexp and Select Window From List dialogs now look and work correct in high DPI resolutions.
  • Configuration: Desktop Divider Tiles Editor window now looks and works correct in high DPI resolutions.
    [-] There was possible (of low probability, though) security breach when running Actual Window Manager library from the %Temp% folder.
    [-] Extra title buttons covered standard title buttons in the Microsoft Office 2016 apps.
    [-] Windows 10: Extra title buttons covered tabs in Google Chrome windows.
    [-] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar crashed at startup in the systems with F-Secure software products running.
    [-] Windows 10: Search box in the system taskbar got reset to Search button at each startup of Actual Window Manager.
    [-] Windows 10: Calendar window stopped showing up after clicking the clock in Actual Taskbar.
    [-] Windows 10: Some hidden windows might appear in the Expose task switcher.
    [-] Windows got completely opaque upon activation instead of restoring their initially set transparency level when both the "Make transparent - At startup" and "Make transparent - While inactive" options were enabled.
    [-] Configuration: Check box and radio button captions got cut in high DPI resolutions.

    What's new in version 8.10.1:
    [+] Localizaton: Arabic language is added (translation made by Thamer Mousa).
  • Windows 10: Title buttons now look correct in the Office 2013/2016 apps when their "File" tab gets active.
  • File Folders: The width of the Recent Folders list is limited to 80 em units to prevent its too wide appearance (it may even exceed the screen area in some cases).
  • Configuration: Now it's possible to press the Ctrl key to prevent the auto-snapping of a being dragged splitter to its siblings in the adjacent row/column.
  • Mirroring: Now the "Keep aspect ratio" option is available for hardware-accelerated mirrors with such source types as "Monitor" or "Part of desktop".
    [-] Mirroring: In Windows 10, a hardware-accelerated mirror with "Window" source type had a black border around the mirrored image.
    [-] Actual Taskbar: Icons on buttons disappeared after applying any change of Actual Window Manager settings made in the Configuration window.
    [-] Configuration: The following bugs have been fixed in the Desktop Divider Tiles Editor:
    - on some multi-monitor configurations it did not allow to customize the layout on certain monitors;
    - splitters did unwantedly snap to the left/top border of a tile when being dragged closely to that border; - splitters did not scale properly on monitors with high DPI resolution.
    [-] Configuration: Test Regexp dialog displayed an error if it was opened on a monitor with high DPI resolution.
    [-] Updating: If the "New version is available" balloon notification was shown, right click on the Actual Window Manager notification area icon started the installation instead of displaying icon's context menu.

    Информация о программе:
    Год релиза: 2017
    Название софта: Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final
    Платформа/OC: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
    Язык интерфейса: Многоязычный + Русский
    Активация: keygen-tsrh
    Размер файла: 13.65 MB

    Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final + keygen [На русском]

    Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final + keygen [На русском] Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final + keygen [На русском]Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 Final + keygen [На русском]
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