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Macrium Reflect Workstation / Home / Server / Server Plus 7.1.2695 + patch (2017) ENG

Macrium Reflect Professional

Macrium Reflect Professional - это специализированная программа, которая поможет создавать и восстанавливать образы жёсткого диска и резервных данных. Утилита создаёт образ Windows во время её использования и не требует обязательной перезагрузки компьютера или других дополнительных манипуляций. Кроме того, можно просматривать образ диска и планировать бэкап. Программа имеет большую скорость создания образа диска. Образ размером в 12 Gb данных будет смонтирован всего за пятнадцать минут. При этом размер сжатого бэкапа будет всего 8 Gb. Избыточные и полные образы дисков могут быть восстановлены и смонтированы в качестве виртуальных дисков в Проводнике Windows.

Возможности программы:
• Создание образа как всего диска, так и отдельных папок и файлов;
• Выбор места хранения готового образа (на локальном жестком диске, на сетевом диске или оптическом носителе);
• Создание образа системы "на лету" без перезагрузки Windows;
• Встроенный планировщик резервирования данных;
• Создание загрузочного диска, используя Linux или BartPE;
• Верификация готовых образов;
• Использование сервиса копирования Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS);
• Высокая скорость работы и степень сжатия;
• Обеспечение безопасности с использованием AES 256-битного шифрования;
• Возможность пакетной записи на CD/DVD.

Drives Supported:
IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, IEEE 1394 (FireWire)

CD DVD Formats:

Filesystems supported:
• NTFS (All versions)
• FAT16
• FAT32
• Ext2/3FS

What's new in Macrium Reflect 6:

Rapid Delta Restore (RDR)
Using advanced delta detection technology RDR can rapidly recover data from single, or multiple full backups. Cuts restore times by 90% or more.

Pre-defined backup plan templates
The Macrium Reflect scheduling engine is pre-loaded with templates for traditional, Incremental forever, or you can create your own custom plan.

Incrementals forever
An efficient method to continuously maintain a defined number of the most recent incremental backups. The oldest incremental files are consolidated into a single synthetic delta.

SSD Trim support
This features provides automated SSD optimization providing enhanced SSD performance and longevity.

Rapid Delta Clone (RDC)
Improving further on the cloning capabilities using technology based on RDR to speed up disk cloning activities by 90% or more.

GFS with backup chain protection
The traditional GFS backup template has been pre-configured with monthly, weekly, daily activities, and retention rules. Simplifies management of backup chains.

Custom backup plan support
Allows administrators the flexibility of creating custom backup plans that provide the level of protection they require.

Macrium Reflect Workstation / Home / Server / Server Plus 7.1.2695 + patch (2017) ENGMacrium Reflect Workstation / Home / Server / Server Plus 7.1.2695 + patch (2017) ENGMacrium Reflect Workstation / Home / Server / Server Plus 7.1.2695 + patch (2017) ENG

What's new in version 6.1.1023:
Exchange Verification Date Issue
The Exchange Verification dialog would show the incorrect month for backups. This has been resolved.
Exchange 2010 Restore To Target Issue
Restoring private Exchange databases to a new name/location would incorrectly create public databases. This has been resolved.
File Split Retention Issue
Retention rules could cause files not to be deleted on backup sets with file splits. This has been resolved.
VBScript RoboCopy Issue
Auto generated VBScript files may not correctly detect RoboCopy when using the synchronization function. This has been resolved.
Restore Dialog Issue
Hiding the restore dialog could cause other apps to lose focus. This has been resolved.

What's New 6.1.1196 - 9th March 2016
Windows PE 10 Intel Matrix RAID Drivers
The Windows PE rescue media creation process now allows Windows 10 Intel Matrix RAID drivers to be updated.

Bug Fixes
Technician USB UI issue
The backup plan templates were visible when using the Technicians USB Stick. This has been resolved.
Consolidation Logging
Failed file reads during consolidation would produce an incorrect error message. This has been resolved.
Windows PE Share Mapping
Mapping a share to a drive letter in Windows PE with a trailing backslash in the share path would cause the mapping to fail. This has been resolved.
Windows PE Driver Matching
Building rescue media would occasionally not allow drivers to be updated. This has been resolved.
Exchange Backup Encryption
Exchange backups with AES encryption encryption enabled could cause the backups not to verify. This has been resolved.

What's New 6.1.1225 - 29th March 2016
Server Plus - Support added for Exchange 2016
Server Plus now fully supports MS Exchange 2016 granular backup and restore

What's New 6.1.1309

Script scheduling improvements
Concurrent Script scheduling now works in a similar manner to XML file schedules. Scheduling multiple scripts (VBScript or PowerShell) running the same XML file at the same time will now use order of precedence favouring Full over Diff over Inc.

Bug Fixes
Auto decryption of multiple BitLockered drives in PE
An issue was reported where some BitLockered volumes were not being unlocked in Windows PE. This has been resolved.

What's New 6.2.1495 - 9th August 2016
* Windows 10 Anniversary Update release
* This release contains changes to the Macrium Reflect process execution and Service to overcome scheduling problems with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
* More information can be found on these problems here
* Windows 10 systray backup notifications
* The number of Windows Tray Notifications shown when a scheduled backup starts has been reduced.
* Improved application exit performance
* Reflect could occasionally 'hang' for many seconds before shutting down. The exit and cleanup functionality has been improved.
* Bug Fixes
* Windows PE Image mounting failure
* When UEFI booting Windows PE rescue media, mounted images could fail to open in PE Explorer. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes 6.2.1544 - 5th September 2016
Application error at startup
- A few customers have reported an application crash when starting Macrium Reflect when running Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This has been resolved.
Windows PE Rescue media build crash
- A program error could occur when copying several hundred driver files into rescue media ISO file. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes 6.2.1549 - 9th September 2016
Hang on application exit
A few customers have reported that Reflect can fail to terminate when finished execution. This has been resolved.

What's new in version 6.3.1734:

In-place upgrade to Reflect v7
This release accepts Macrium Reflect v7 keys and will upgrade to v7 by Taking 'Other Tasks' > 'Check for updates'.
Avast AV software problem

A recent update to Avast AV software has prevented Macrium Reflect scheduled tasks from running. This release includes an automatic workaround to run tasks using the Windows SYSTEM account.
Note: Scheduled backups will not be visible in the Windows notification area when running as SYSTEM.

New registry entry to disable tray icon status messages and tool tips
Customers running certain full screen games have noticed that the focus is lost when sheduled backups start.

What's new in version 7.0.2079:
Performance issue when backing up to local drives
Changes have been made to improve backup performance in Reflect 7. Please see the linked release article below
Network share authentication issues
Network authentication has been improved to prevent scheduled tasks from failing due to inability to write to the backup target share.
Changed Block Tracker Windows event messages
Fixed case where CBT Event Viewer messages were not displayed correctly. Please note that the previous release did not fix this issue.

What's new in version 7.1.2619:
MIG RoboCopy rules
MIG could incorrectly disallow RoboCopy with /MIR /PURGE parameters correctly set. This has been resolved.
GUID destination paths not validated correctly
When using a GUID volume path as a backup destination the path syntax was not validated correctly. This has been resolved.

Информация о программе:
Год релиза: 2017
Название софта: Macrium Reflect Workstation / Home / Server / Server Plus 7.1.2695
Платформа/OC: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Активация: patch-xanax
Размер файла: 210.00 MB

Macrium Reflect Workstation / Home / Server / Server Plus 7.1.2695 + patch (2017) ENG

Macrium Reflect Workstation / Home / Server / Server Plus 7.1.2695 + patch (2017) ENG Macrium Reflect Workstation / Home / Server / Server Plus 7.1.2695 + patch (2017) ENGMacrium Reflect Workstation / Home / Server / Server Plus 7.1.2695 + patch (2017) ENG

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